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Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius 150 150 John Sandbach

Mars is in Aquarius now until the 24th of February, so all of you Aquarians are feeling more assertive than usual, and less likely to tolerate anything in your life that bugs you. Don’t hold back — take action, shovel yourself out from under all those things that don’t really matter to you and go for the gold. Listen to your heart and let it lead you.

And Leos — you’re getting stirred up in the relationship department, and it’s here that you need to make adjustments and do something constructive about any disharmonies between you and those you really care about.

Time for Tauruses to go more public, to be more out there, and to put more effort into career, and time for Scorpios to get to the bottom of things and work on stuff connected with their own security.

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