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Sounds for you from Lady Nada

Sounds for you from Lady Nada

Sounds for you from Lady Nada 150 150 John Sandbach

Vowell Sounds

The following vowel sounds can be intoned to create balance of mind, body, and spirit. The intonations can be done anywhere at any time, but are probably most effective when you take a few minutes to sit down to do them. Place both feet on the floor, take a deep breath, and let the sound come forth from you effortlessly. The information concerning the vowel sounds and “seed” (one syllable) mantras is from Oriental and Ayurvedic sources, as well as from a friend who is a Middendorf breathwork practitioner.

A as in “father: The universal vowel. Provides stimulation all over. Unifies the body. Helps all the parts to work together.

A as in “say”: Helps the heart and shoulders. This is an anti-depressant

A as in “glad”: Gets you more in touch with your physicality. Helps you to overcome fear. Over use of this could cause insensitivity.

O as in “mode”: Stimulates your center. This is a good one to use if you feel scattered, disorganized, or spaced out.

Oo as in “food”: Stimulates the lower charkas. Helps with sexual and urinary problems, or difficulties with the legs or hips.

Eeee as in “feed”: Good for the head, neck and nervous system, though overuse could agitate the nervous system.

Mmmm: Stimulates the body at the cellular level. Helps to dispel tiredness

O umlaut: Stimulates the center and helps the shoulders and arms.

U umlaut: connected spirit to matter, top to bottom. Helps with posture.

Chakra Seed Mantras

Root (first chakra): lam

Second chakra: vam

Third chakra: ram

Fourth chakra: yam

Fifth chakra: hum

Sixth chakra: om

Other Seed Mantras

Shrim: Prosperity, abundance, health, inner peace

Eim: Spiritual knowledge, musicical skills, spiritual endeavors

Klim: Increases energy of thought, increases power of attraction. Used with other mantras.

Dum: Protection, helps to dispel fear

Kreem: Used for protection also

Gum (pronounced “goom”): Removes obstacles, brings success to endeavors.

Glaum: Removes obstacles that are between the throat and the base of the spine.

Haum (pronounced “howm”): Raises consciousness.

Kshraum: Releases pent-up energies inside you. Makes your hidden power available to you. Destroys demonic powers, breaks up negative energy.

Hrim: For seeing through the illusion of everyday reality. Makes you more psychically sensitivity, and can bring insight.

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