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Ana Bekoach Prayer

Ana Bekoach Prayer

Ana Bekoach Prayer 150 150 John Sandbach

Ana Bekoach Prayer

This is one of the most power of all Kabbalistic Prayers. It was written by Rabbi Nahonia in the 1st century A.D. The Prayer has seven lines, each one corresponding to one of the lower seven stations on the Tree of Life. The last line (starting with the word bah-RUCH) is to be said silently or whispered, and is for the purpose of grounding the prayer into physical reality. The “ch’s” in the prayer are to be pronounded gutterly (deep in the throat). Chant the words two at the time with a short pause after each pair. I’ve put in “/” marks to divide the words into pairs.

(line 1) a-NA bek-o-ACH / gay-du-LAT yeh-men-ECH-ah / ta-TIR ser-ru-RAH

(line 2) ka-BEL rih-NAT / am-ech-AH sag-VAY-nu / ta-hah-RAY-nu nor-AH

(line 3) NA gee-BOR / dor-SHAY yich-u-DECH-a / kay-va-VAT shom-REM

(line 4) Bar-CHEM ta-ha-REM / rach-a-MAY tsid-ke-TECH-a / ta-MEED gom-LEM

(line 5) cha-SEEN ka-DOSH / be-ROV tuv-cHA / nah-HAIL a-dah-tay-KAH

(line 6) yah-CHEED geh-EH / lay-ahm-CHA pen-AY / zoch-RAY kuh-dush-a-tech-AH

(line 7) sha-vah-TAY-nu ka-BELL / ush-MA tsa-a-ket-TAY-nu / yo-DAY-ah ta-al-u-MOT

(bah-RUCH SHEM kay-VOD mal-KU-to lay-o-LAM va-ED)

A whole book has been written about this prayer. It is “The Genesis Prayer by Jeffry Meiliken and is published by St. Martin’s Press. I highly recomment it, for it will tell you many different ways the prayer can be used.

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