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Some Notes on Aries

Some Notes on Aries

Some Notes on Aries 150 150 John Sandbach

The one thing Aries most needs is clear and strong alignment with its instinct. When Aries has this, any and all problems can be confronted and worked through in a way that leads onward and upward into higher states of consciousness.

The problem is, that when Aries is overshadowed by neurotic loops, then the connection with its clear instinct is disrupted, and we find Aries creating conflicts and confrontations that go nowhere. Aries truly is the sign of confrontation but the irony of this is that the neurotic Aries will tend to manufacture crises which actually are serving to protect itself from what it REALLY needs to confront.

Aries expresses the truth that sometimes it is better to act without thinking. It instinctively knows that thinking can get in the way, whereas impulse, when inspired by pure, unadulterated creativity, can carry one into greater aliveness.

Aries also has a way of demanding that things be simple. It is not that it is incapable of perceiving complexity, it is that it carries in it the magic of being able to look through and beyond complexities. Being the farthest sign from Libra, it is the sign freest of faltering, wavering uncertainty – all the back and forth considering of options that Libra engages in. And as Libra is the sign of aesthetics, Aries is too busy exploring the South Pole and fighting starvation and frostbite to have any time to concern itself with the fashionability of its winter wardrobe.

Aries is the primitive, the basic, the “lets get on with it, no matter how sticky or difficult or inconvenient things are. JUST DO IT!”

The primitivism of Aries can be wonderfully refreshing, and feel eternally new. It can take some old and worn-out idea or concept and through its magic express it as if it were something just discovered for the first time. It is the breath of spring. And when people say that Aries is not good at finishing things, I say, first of all, that that is not the job of Aries, and that second of all, the very concept of finishing things is often nothing more than an empty formality and an illusion.

Unfortunately, it is one of the signs most likely to commit murder as well as suicide. Not all simple solutions to problems are the best ones.

Aries is currently investigating string theory and parallel universes.

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