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Looking at some midpoints

Looking at some midpoints

Looking at some midpoints 150 150 John Sandbach

Ah, midpoints! One of the most wonderful of astrological techniques, yet underused in the extreme – I think because they require quite a bit of pondering. If you really try to understand them they can provide a doorway into much that is hidden in a chart.

Tyler has Venus on his Sun/Moon midpoint. The Sun/Moon midpoint signifies VITALITY, according to Marc Jones. And it is true that Tyler is an appreciator (Venus) of vitality. The Sun and Moon as a combination is our feeling of completeness and groundedness – it’s the energy (Sun) of our feelings (Moon). And so Tyler can appreciate (Venus) the energy of feelings IN GENERAL. It also means that his vitality (Sun/Moon) is enhanced by relating (Venus).

In contrast, my Sun/Moon midpoint is contacted by Uranus. I am vitalized by THE STRANGE (Uranus). With body and soul (Sun/Moon) – meaning the whole of my being – I’m seeking all the surprises that provide openings into The Cosmic. I will say also that when I’m inventing and experimenting (Uranus) I feel a fulness of vitality.

Akiko has Mercury on her Sun/Moon midpoint. She is vitalized by communication, and by being a channel for information. And by healing, for never forget that Mercury rules Virgo, and that Mercury is the planet of Asculepius, the greek god of healing, his symbol being the Cadusus of Hermes (Mercury).

Here is a midpoint in my own chart I find interesting: Saturn on the Uranus/Neptune midpoint. Uranus/Neptune has to do with what we bring to society at large, and to human progress, spiritually speaking. Whatever I bring is most likely going to unfold slowly, take a long time, might be difficult, but requires my being patient, steady and true to my path – all Saturn traits.

I feel too, that orbs on midpoints need to be looked at closely, for the ones that are the closest are going to be made much stronger by their exactitude. For instance, Akiko has Node on the Uranus/Pluto midpoint, WITHIN 6 MINUTES OF ORB! In connecting with people (Node) she has the capacity to bring transformative (Pluto) Innovation (Uranus), and an intense (Pluto) uninhibitedness (Uranus). In other words, its her dharma to FREE PEOPLE UP, TO CHALLENGE THEM TOWARD FINDING THEIR TRUE UNIQUENESS. It can also mean that her spiritual progress (Node) may go through sudden, surprising spurts in which drastic transformations can occur.

Tyler has Mercury on the Moon/Uranus midpoint with a 7 minute orb – extremely close. This can mean communicating (Mercury) with an unbridled (Uranus) subjectivity (Moon) – or communication (Mercury) with a feeling (Moon) of rebellion, or surprise. All this is true of him. It feels like his words stick acupoints in a person’s emotional body on a whim or momentary impulse (Moon), and that the unexpectedness (Uranus) of it is felt at a very subjective (Moon) level, making one more aware of one’s emotional self.

One of my closest midpoints is Mercury on Venus/Mars. So I have the capacity of communicating with a loving (Venus) assertiveness (Mars), or alternately, I might say a smooth assertiveness. It is true, I certainly do communicate pointedly – that is, assertively, but yet I think I’m always trying to imbue it with a kindness and smoothness. If we read “cleverness” for Mercury, it means that I have the ability to apply my cleverness to being efficient (Marc Jones says that the Venus/Mars pair signifies one’s ability to be efficient).

Tyler’s cleverness, on the other hand – manifests through his ability to catch people unawares (Uranus) on an emotional (Moon) level, the purpose of this being to help people to release (Uranus) pent-up feelings.

Akiko has Mercury on the Moon/Pluto midpoint. Her cleverness is in helping others to transform feelings – maybe through intensifying them until they change – which is often how Pluto works. It can also mean that she communicates (Mercury) with intense emotionality. And I’ve noticed about her that even when she is speaking rationally and objectively her voice and words always convey an underlying intensity of feeling.

This has been fun! I feel, in a way, like its kind of fragmented just throwing out all these insights. But I’m going to go ahead and just do it for awhile.

Have a great day, everyone.


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