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Planets activating the Venus/Pluto midpoint (♀ ♇)

Planets activating the Venus/Pluto midpoint (♀ ♇)

Planets activating the Venus/Pluto midpoint (♀ ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: One person having power over the other in a love relationship. Power struggles in love relationships. To feel love with extreme intensity. To experience a compelling attraction. Decisions that are difficult to make. Irresistible temptations.

Process: To give in so totally to the power of love that it transforms one’s consciousness and further one’s evolution. To delve deeply into one’s attractions so that one may experience their pure essence and by doing so come into a profound self-understanding.

Sun: Whatever one holds to be important in life one loves with a deep passion. One may derive much vitality from intensely loving. One may be profoundly in love with one’s own goals.

Moon: To be strongly impressionable to intense beauty. The emotional need for intense relationships, connections, and romances. To fall easily under the sway of the charms and allurements of another person.

Mercury: To communicate with a compelling seductiveness. A mind which inevitably falls madly in love with certain subjects.

Mars: Intense love expressed with great passion. To feel an overwhelming urge to act. One is impelled to take initiative based on an intense love.

Jupiter: To be excessive in the expression of an intense attraction. One who reaches out to others in an intensely loving way. A willingness to allow love to raise one into a higher consciousness.

Saturn: A fear of intense passion. A tendency to shy away from anything or anyone one feels extremely attracted to. Hard lessons learned through power struggles in love relationships.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to attune to the tremendous power of love, and to let go of their fear of it. You help them to recognize what it is that they most deeply want and are attracted to.

Uranus: A desire to be free of extreme attractions, and a tendency to sometimes delve into them, and at other times isolate oneself from them. Others may be extremely attracted to one’s uniqueness. Freedom through allowing love to evolve into a higher plane.

Neptune: Imaginings and fantasies of intense love. Intense sharings with other people can drain one’s energy. The ability to psychically perceive the intense attractions that other people feel. A selfless giving in to being overpowered by a lover, which may ultimately be destructive.

Node: In this life one is learning how to transmute obsessive attractions into the higher reality of divine and unconditional love.

Ascendant: To be a person who crave love, or who crave a lover with whom one can have power struggles. One emanates a compelling attractiveness.

Midheaven: One’s highest attainment in this life has to do with transmuting the lesser manifestations of love into higher ones. One may be intensely loved by the public or by people at large. Career decisions that are difficult to make.

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