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Planets activating the Venus/Neptune midpoint (♀ ♆)

Planets activating the Venus/Neptune midpoint (♀ ♆)

Planets activating the Venus/Neptune midpoint (♀ ♆) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Idealized love. Self-sacrifice in love. A refined expression of love. To engage in imagining beautiful illusions and fantasies to which one can potentially become addicted. Attraction to that which is refined and/or exalted. Confusion in love and in relationships. Impracticality where both love and money are concerned but also the ability to use one’s intuition to make money and to know what the loved one needs. The ability to intuit the true worth of things.

Process: The purifying and refining of one’s ability to love. Developing the ability to see through illusions into the eternal value and beauty underlying everything.

Sun: Idealized values are highly important to one, and give one the energy to fulfill goals. One feels vitalized by giving to the loved one, and by the exaltations of love.

Mercury: Speaking with a subtle persuasiveness. A mind given over to fantasizing about love. Thinking based on an idealized value system.

Mars: To assert oneself with a smooth or polished subtlety. A passionate expression of idealized love.
One willing to take the initiative to make sacrifices for the purpose of love.

Jupiter: To exuberantly give of oneself in a relationship, possibly excessively. The tendency to be overly idealistic about love. To go too far in one’s idealization of the loved one.

Saturn: To take seriously one’s exalted feelings of love. To be afraid of being deceived in love. Confusion in relationships causes frustration and maybe a tendency to withdraw. To feel sad or
sorrowful about unrequited love. The need to overcome love addiction. Slowly over time learning how to deal with one’s romantic idealism and sensitivity in all relatioships.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to contact the more refined and spiritualized aspects of their love nature, and to tap intuitively into the true nature of love. You also assist them in seeing through the illusions of romantic love into the higher purer realms of Divine Love.

Uranus: To freely and openly expressing one’s romantic idealism and exalted love. One has a unique ability to intuit just how to love someone and then do it. Romantic fantasies that are inspiring and original. The need to free oneself from love addiction.

Pluto: Relentless and intense love fantasies. The need to come to a deep understanding of why one has the impulse to be self-sacrificing in love. Exalted, ecstatic or cosmic love which can change one’s life. The driving urge to get to the bottom of confusion in relationships.

Node: One grows in this lifetime through refining one’s love instinct, and through learning to intuit the deeper value of everything. One needs to engage in self-sacrifice in love in such a way that it grows one spiritually.

Ascendant: One projects the quality of having a subtle, otherworldly beauty. Others see one as having much spiritual love. One identifies with romantic fantasies. The ability to share with others on subtle, deep, and intuitive levels.

Midheaven: One’s ultimate goal in life is to uplift the love nature of others through revealing finer levels of beauty in the world around them as well as in other people. One’s mission is to channel siritual love to other people, often in gentle, covert or even subliminal ways.

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