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Planets activating the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (♄ ♇)

Planets activating the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (♄ ♇)

Planets activating the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (♄ ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Spiritual matters press relentlessly on you, forcing you to grow – one way or another. Tremendous pressure that will inevitably lead to a breakthrough. Getting to the bottom of things. The transcending and transforming of limits. Going beyond the rules and laws one has set up for oneself. A person who is extremely serious, and often, even when they hide this, others pick up on it and are deeply affected by it, and sometimes feel intimidated. The breaking down of old structures and the forming of new ones.

Process: The progressive loss of the ability to avoid problems and challenges. The compulsion to return again and again to problems until they are truly and completely solved.

Sun: A very rigid ego structure may encase the person, who will draw to himself circumstances which will tear this down and transform it so that he may reflect more of the Spiritual Light.

Moon: The relentless drive to get to the bottom of one’s subconscious and to bring up all that is there. A tremendous emotional craving to overcome one’s fears and to be transformed by spirituality.

Mercury:To communicate in an intensely serious way. A mind fraught with intense curiosity, and who has a driving urge to get to the bottom of things. Obsessive concentration on certain ideas. At worst, an extreme mental rigidity.

Venus: Extreme frustrations felt in love. A love of very deep, transformative connections with other people. A love of anything which is profoundly spiritual. To feel utterly and totally unloved, which can push one toward transformative spiritual experiences and a realization of the power of divine love.

Mars: Aggressive urges that are extremely repressed. The ability to be extremely controlled and focused when doing anything. Efforts that can lead to profound breakthroughs.

Jupiter: One is enthusiastic about transcending one’s limits. Growth can meet with intense restrictions which one learns much from. An optimism that is intensely spiritual and which maintains itself even in the face of drastic hardships.

Chiron: Your energy subtly communicates to other people that any and all limits can be transcended. The ability to heal even the deepest fears, and to help others transmute the most negative of emotions.

Uranus: Extremely negative feels about all that is unique or different about oneself. Suddenly one gets to the bottom of things. An extreme fear of being free.

Neptune: Profoundly deep psychic experiences. An idealism that one carries as if it were a horrible, oppressive burden. Tremendous insights into how limitations can be transcended.

Node: One’s connections are imbued with deep seriousness and profundity. One relentlessly seeks to go beyond the limits of one’s connections and to connect at an ever deeper level. The need in this lifetime for spiritual transformation.

Ascendant: One may come across to others as a deeply sincere person, and/or one full of spiritual power. At worst, one who is strongly identified with having power and holding onto it tightly, and who may associate themselves with tradition, and do so in an extremely rigid manner.

Midheaven: One’s career involves spiritual transformation. An extremely serious desire to grow and to attain the fullest that one can possibly attain to.

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