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Planets activating the Saturn/Node midpoint (♄ ☊)

Planets activating the Saturn/Node midpoint (♄ ☊)

Planets activating the Saturn/Node midpoint (♄ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle. Deep, enduring, and/or spiritual relationships. To have relationships that last a long time. One finds it difficult to enter into new experiences, due either to fear or to being overly tied to the past. One finds one’s connections with others oppressive. A gradual overcoming of the past.

Process: The overcoming of the fear of change. The identification of the problems and limitations that exist between oneself and others, as well as the realization of their spiritual purpose.

Sun: To have deep connections with others strongly increases one’s vitality, ability to be centered, and sense of purpose. Being held back by the past frustrates one’s ability to reach one’s goals and/or fulfill one’s purpose.

Moon: The emotional need for strong, stable connections with others – though in neurotic states these stable conditions might well be dysfunctional and/or destructive. To feel vulnerable when entering into new experiences, and possibly the tendency to not be able to be objective about them.

Mercury: To make deep connections when one communicates. To think about the problems inherent in making progress. One’s mind may have great difficulty in letting go of old, long-established ideas.

Venus: To appreciate the difficulties and limitations inherent in connecting with others. A love of connecting with others in a focused, deep, and/or profound way.

Mars: Action is carried out to maintain old ways of being. The need to actively confront one’s fear of change, and to take the initiative to enter into new experiences.

Jupiter: A desire to understand and learn from one’s connections through recognizing their spiritual aspects. An enthusiasm for having deep connections with other people and/or groups.

Chiron: One’s vibration naturally and inevitably brings depth to all one’s connections. You intuitively heal others’ fear of letting go of the past and or fear of entering into new situations and contacts.

Uranus: A genius for working with or around the restrictions and limitations one finds when connecting with others. Strange or unusual limiting factors encountered when connecting with individuals or groups.

Neptune: To be able to intuitively perceive the limitations one encounters when connecting. One’s ideal is to connect deeply to others. Confusion as to the problems encountered when one connects.

Pluto: An extreme fear of letting go of the past. Intensive, even stifling restrictions encountered in one’s connections with others. Relentless resistance to taking in new experiences.

Ascendant: One who resists changes that occur in relationships. Because of fear one desires to maintain the status quo in relationships. The need to realize that one’s lack of connection or restriction of connection with others is due to how one see’s oneself.

Midheaven: When one is open to spiritual guidance and direction one finds oneself entering into profound connections with others. All difficulties in connecting with others impel one to become more closely aligned with one’s higher self.

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