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or88 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 28. A house which keeps growing bigger and bigger.

She shut herself in a single room, for she knew the house was growing bigger, and feared it. During the day she was able to put this out of her mind, but at night she dreamed of walking endless, winding halls, filled with doors that opened into rooms both vast and intimate, some filled with curious objects, others empty, and finding new stairways that went both up and down.
It was the part of her that yearned to roam and explore that she had trapped in the house by boarding herself up into the one room. But that part didn’t mind, for the house loved it, and for its delight continued to build new spaces.

Azoth Oracle

In a dim room incense creates a soothing atmosphere.

( From Versarius’ “Magical Commodities”): “The incense known as Oonara is imported from the far eastern region of Zitan, where the incense makers know not only how to infuse their creations with scents, but colors and sounds as well. Especially recommended is the floral blend known as Nam Chala, or “Silver Twilight,” which, as it burns releases lavender and blue lights shot through occasionally with pale pink, and which shimmer through the room as it is burned, releasing bird calls and voices of faraway hymns being sung by the clearest of female voices. To lay quietly in a room under the influence of this transports one to a place which seems strangely familiar, and imbues the mind with memories of its experience that rise spontaneously again and again for many years.

“Also recommended is “Zankar,” or “Dragon Shadow,” which envelops one like a luminous cloud with its resinous and piquant fragrance and darkly opalescent hues, and the distant roaring sound of waterfalls deep in the earth. The wise have said it should be avoided by those who tend toward melancholy.”

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