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Gemini 27. Cleaning someone’s aura with a quartz crystal.

The crystal has placed fingers on either side of itself so that it may move through the aura. It tells the fingers where to go, directing them toward the places of greatest darkness and stagnation so that it may soak these up and digest them. The crystal speaks in light language, which the aura listens to with rapt attention. These are poems made of color, and hypnotic suggestions and the names of angels. The aura becomes giddy and begins to laugh. The crystal thanks the laughter for its assistance.

Azoth Oracle

A delicate species forced to seek a safer environment.

Silmars, those most fiery of salamanders, are not native to the land of Aab, but migrated here from earth many thousands of years ago. It is told by naturalists that the reason for their migrating was that the beings who live on earth forgot over time their own true nature, and because of this a great darkness arose which made the earth uninhabitable for silmars, who sought other regions, and in their seeking found Aab.

Irnad tells us that the tiny silmars, even though they are rare and shy and dwell in only the deepest caves generate an invisible and renewing fuel which permeates the whole atmosphere of Aab.

And even though they are said to be most at home here, according to Irnad a few of their numbers have begun a migration back to earth, though colonies of them will always be here as well. For during their time in Aab the silmars have evolved into more powerful beings, able to both withstand and even feed on the darkness of earth, having come to be potent purifiers of its atmosphere.


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