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or85 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 25. A healer who uses only smiles to perform all his healings.

Emotions are of the element of water, and smiles are light which shines through the waters of our being.  The healer Tomias Robard searched and found within himself the heart of the smile, and learned to circulate this through the bodies of his patients.  He saw where there waters had dried up, where others of them had frozen, become stagnant, or burdened with shadows and through he light of his smiling brought waters to parched inner lands, melted with the heat of his smile frozen waters, cleaned stagnation by smiling waters into fountains and lightened the burden of shadows.

He explained that smiles are made by lips from which come forth words and into with go food to feed the body, as words may feed the spirit of others.  And that the smile, in its crescent form, is the shape of the New Moon, whose crescent points upward as a cup, inviting the light from above to descend into it.

Azoth Oracle

The stars of a galaxy feeling the exhilaration of their combined movement.

For of stars it may be said that they all have a deep love for each other, and suffer not the isolation that our eyes see as we gaze at them. For stars, though vastly separated feel an affectionate closeness to each other and rejoice in following each others paths.

From this we learn that love is of a circular nature and always moving, and that the path of light, though seeming to be straight, always follows the path of an infinite circle that embraces with joy the illusion of darkness which conceals the spiritual light, for it is such illusion that allows the physical light to be witnessed.

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