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or84 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 24. A man who heals water, be it in lakes, rivers, the ocean, or a glass.

The alchemist who gave up his original name so that he might be known only as “The Healer of Waters” travelled the land in search of ill waters that he might make whole again.  When asked what the nature of water’s illness was he replied, “bad dreams mainly,” explaining that by this he meant dreams that were mazes made of shadows through which the light became lost and could not find it’s way.  It is true that these mazes are sometimes filled with a great deal of light, but that nonetheless the light is in a trapped and isolated state — cut off from the Great Spiritual Light.

And so his task, as he described it, was to open these mazes, disperse their shadows and free the light, so that light and shadow might once again play freely with each other, liberated by the mazes strange patterns of illusion.

Azoth Oracle

An ancient enlightened one transformed into a young man comes down from the mountain.

For 5000 years Darzan Mishnar has been coming down occasionally from his mountain cave to walk among the villages of the Indar mountains and impart his teachings. He always seems as if he were maybe 19 years of age, and is always dressed in the garb of the villagers.

His visits are irregular and unpredictable Sometimes he is not to be seen for several centuries. At others he might appear every year for awhile. When asked why this is, he said, “I come when I am called,” though none ever asked him who or what was calling.

When asked how he perpetuated his seemingly eternal youth he said, “I do in fact age, though since I hold such communion with my cave and its stone I age like stone, which carries memories lightly and with complete acceptance, no matter how heavy an illusion they may seem to create.”


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