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or54 150 150 John Sandbach

Taurus 24. A man cataloging thousands of different types of microbes.

Spores and viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, diatoms and one-celled animals, he wandered the zoo in a drop of water where lurked citizens of all sorts, psychopaths and murderers included.

Taking his eyes away from the glass he became an invisible giant – felt or vaguely sensed by some down there, but unknown and unbelieved in by most, a mere mythical being.

Azoth Symbol

On the summer solstice at sunrise a seer observes an important omen.

Everything is an omen. Reality is a book that speaks of itself in all its parts. We are inclined to think that important omens will always come in a dramatic or strikingly unusual form, so that they will capture our attention. But the closer we observe what is around us the more we may read the subtle omens, the plain, humble ones that might otherwise pass unnoticed.

One day, at sunrise on the summer solstice in the year 696 Irnad was sitting on a rock to observe the day’s beginning and happened to see a random pattern of sticks lying at his feet forming the letters “a” and”n”. For the rest of the day those letters kept coming back to him in his imagination, and so that night he wrote them on a fresh page of his journal. Immediately he found himself completing the word “Annals” followed by the words “of Magic.” Thus he began his greatest work, the 20 volume “Annals of Magic,” written partially in prose, partly in poetry and containing within it thousands of stories and histories of the great magicians of Aab.

To quote from this text, (Vol. XVII, page238), “We live in a vast book. When you move through the forest and disturb the pattern of leaves there, when you pick up an interesting rock and put it down in a different location, you are editing and revising the book. Our every act, our every thought, rewrites the book, and does so in just the exact way it needs to be modified. My advice is, keep reading, enjoy what you read, and never forget that as you are reading, you write.”


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