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Taurus 23: Inside a tornado, a spiral staircase.

She grips the railing, turning on the stair. The other hand lifts her dark dress which rustles as she ascends, the faint rustling heard even over the roar of the cyclone. Slowly she’s going somewhere, lifting herself toward an unremembered destination, the climb taxing her, but the effort exhilarating as well, carried upward by the expectancy of discovering what she’s forgotten…

She glances over at the wall of whirling wind, and notices: the tornado is without windows.

Azoth Oracle

A man and woman reading the inscription at the base of an obelisk.

The obelisk of Tanar is a smooth and gigantic monolith of black granite that sits in a clearing of the forest of Jabar. It has been found that when two people, who bear a deep connection to each other, stand at the base of it an inscription will appear on the massive stone on which it rests. This inscription has never been known to manifest when observed by just one person, or by two people who don’t have the requisite relationship to each other.

It has also been observed that the inscription changes, depending on who is reading it, and that the inscription always seems to allude to or describe the essence of the connection between the two people. Often the words of it are not understood at first, though when recalled again and again over time will bring to light some hidden reason for fate having brought these two people together.

Also, if the same pair of people return to the obelisk they might read there a different inscription, as their relationship has evolved over time, or the base might be blank, which is believed to signify that there is no more to be said.

A man who had recently lost his wife, and who was consumed by grief, in desperation visited the obelisk one day, in the hope that even though he was alone he might learn something of his departed loved one. There, at the base he read, “A SHADOW WANDERING IN A DESERT OF LIGHT.”

Later he said, “When I read the words something in me died: it was the shadow, which was my grief, and through its dying I found that light is not a desert, but an endless oasis.”

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