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or343 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 13. A castle so vast no one has ever explored all of it.

The castle of Ghastingorm, in the far western provinces, is home to an ancient family, now reduced to a single couple and their only child.  The family lives simply, in just a few rooms, surrounded by the antiques and memorabilia of the family’s illustrious past.

Th castle, though, is vast, and even though researchers have tried to explore and map it, no end to it has ever been found.  One may walk around the whole edifice in a mere hour, but once inside it is as if the rooms go on forever.  I say “as if” because there is no actual evidence to either support or deny the castle’s potential limits.

Researchers have also found that rooms appear and disappear at will, which have lead them to believe that unlike other architecture the castle is actually a living being, one in fact that changes its shape and dimension as it reflects the feelings, ideas, and beliefs of those who inhabit and explore it.

For this reason, Serapis has named it, “The Mind’s Abode.”


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