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or342 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 12. A fantastic archaeological find is being kept secret.

Having gained the trust of the highest level of priestesses of the order of Quanaan, I have been informed that a certain archaeological find, discovered more than 100 years ago, has not yet been made public.  This find is so amazing that I was told nothing of its nature.  The secret was revealed to me, though, as a means of explaining an important principle.

This find, said my informant, reveals knowledge of such a profound nature that were it to be made public it would be misunderstood.

For the nature of knowledge is highly similar to the nature of life forms:  Each bit of knowledge dwells in its own climate, is living, and needs highly particularized and specific conditions to sustain it.  When the time is right, I was informed, this archaeological discovery and the wisdom it imparts will be eventually given to the world — when the consciousness of humanity is ready to receive and support its flowering.

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