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Pisces 5. Dyers at work with many vats of different colors.

The fabrics of Yonara are known for their subtle and vivid colors.  Even when these fabrics fade the colors they take on are as unusual and striking as they were when the fabrics were young.

The dyers of Yonara are extremely secretive concerning their formulas, but it has been reported by those who have secretly observed them at work that they place in their vats the rainwater of far off places, the saliva of wismen, the feathers of rare birds, lumps of gold from a sacred river, wings of fairies, ashes of certain mummies and dew collected under specific astrological influences, as well as stones from the ruins of certain sacred temples, lumps of dung said to be the feces of dragons, tears cried at dawn, strips of parchment on which incantations are written, gemstones (diamonds being often employed), and a wealth of other, sundry and highly curious ingredients.

And although other dyers scoff at these reports (which they deign to be mere rumors and fantastic hyperbole) the wise tell us that colors love to feed on an infinite variety of foodstuffs and that when fed what they crave will wax potent and grow into their greatest power.

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