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or334 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 4. Rustic folk gather many types of wildflowers for a celebration.

Every summer, during the Festival of the Sun the village people gathered every kind of flower to adorn their circle of stones.  At this time Mirana, known as the Flower Girl, was allowed to wander deep into the woods to gather special flowers, strange ones which no one had ever seen, and which Mirana only found during the Festival of the Sun.

The farther she wandered into the forest the darker it became until the only light by which she might see were curious bright shadows that were not cast by the Sun but seemed instead to glow up from the earth.  It was here, in these darker woodlands where no one ever came that she discovered the foreign blooms taking shapes of no known flowers, hued in colors that even poets could not describe.

She gathered these — they were everywhere — bringing at least one of every kind she could find  and returning brought them back to the circle of stones where they were displayed with the other flowers that people knew.

These unknown flowers were never given names, for they were said to be sacred, and not to be limited by words.  Like other flowers they wilted and died soon after picking, but every year Mirana found them again, and the villagers were deeply affected by their profound beauty and scent.

The wise tell us that the imperfections that we find everywhere in the world around us are little cracks — doorways into other realms.  And imperfections, though they might seem strange or ugly to the eye desiring the expected, are actually new and unknown manifestations of beauty — like Mirana’s flowers.


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