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or331 150 150 John Sandbach

Pisces 1. At sunset, a petrified forest glows with iridescence.

In the petrified forest of Amara many trees of stone still stand amidst the fallen logs.  All, whether standing or fallen, having turned into opal.

Travelers, overwhelmed by the shifting colors of the place have been known to hallucinate spectral flowers of every sort growing amidst the trees, and strange colored creatures of infinitely varied forms who play and dance amidst the trees.

They say also that the colors that envelop them seem at times to turn into sound — a faint cacophony at first, which, when listened to intently turns into a complex music fraught with voices that echoes in the ears for days after leaving the forest.

Those prone to confusion are advised to shun the forest, but many artists, musicians and writers seek out its precincts to feed their inspiration.

For Amara, according to the wise, exudes a subtle atmosphere which feeds and nourishes the imagination, generating all manner of visions.

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