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or330 150 150 John Sandbach

Aquarius 30. For many years, on an island, people dig deeper and deeper to find a treasure.

On Nemara, a small island in the sea of Azoth various hunters and researchers have continued sporadically to dig for treasures for centuries.  Here and there, occasionally, clues are found:  a gold ring unearthed, a rock with a fragment of inscription, a strange dream that seems to guide the seeker.

Time passes, people give up, and then another clue emerges, curiosity is rekindled, and more come to seek.

All who have left empty handed, though, have become, later in their lives, strangely lucky, and several of the wise have concurred that somehow, through seeking they know not what on Nemara, other things have been found — that what seems to be buried on Nemara is actually buried in the psyche of the seeker.

And that it is Nemara itself who is the searcher, hunting for treasure in those that come to its shore, and discovering eventually within them many unexpected wonders.


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