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Sagittarius 30. By time traveling, a man takes a photograph of dinosaurs.

The man had no trouble traveling in the time machine, but he did find that the camera he carried always disappeared when he took it with him into the past.  It seemed that the camera was afraid of the past — or at least that’s what the man felt from it right before he turned on the time machine and the camera seemed to shiver before it disappeared.

A certain most clever alchemist told him, though, that if the man were willing to work long and hard at learning from him, that he might be able to master the technique of shining light out of his eyes.  “How will this help me to photograph the past, though?” asked the man.

“When you return with what you have seen in the past you may then gaze onto photographic paper, for the light from your eyes will be light you have carried with you from the past.  I’m not absolutely sure of this, but this is what certain spirits, who are highly credible, have told me.”

The man worked for many years to master this technique, and through his devoted discipline and diligence he learned to make his eyes glow with an unearthly brightness.

When he felt he was ready the man rode his time machine far into the past and gazed on a flock of dinosaurs as they stood in a pool and ate ferns.

He immediately shut his eyes and returned to the present without opening them, and when he entered the dark room he had built he felt for the photographic paper in the dark and opened his eyes to it.  His eyes glowed onto the paper with a strange light that seemed vastly old — like the light of stars.

Placing the paper in the developer he found that yes, the dinosaurs had appeared there on the paper, sharp and clear in all their primal beauty.

The problem, though, is that no one else could see them.

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