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or269 150 150 John Sandbach

Sagittarius 29. A house full of strange, disorienting angles and perspectives.

The summer house of the Countess of Windar is famed for its magic.  The countess is long deceased, but she left copious funds for the upkeep of her house, and stated in her will that she wished it to be forever open to all visitors.

The house is replete with tricks and illusions — labyrinthine halls which change shape as you walk them, stairways which go nowhere, floors patterned with uneven and irregular geometries, doors which open onto blank walls, painted illusions, and countless other curious anomalies.  Rather than being random, these features are calculated to penetrate deeply into the psyche of anyone who experiences them, the result being that the mind is opened up, perceptions shift, and the world, after one leaves the house, seems like a different place.

Many have found the effect of Windar to be disturbing and have regretted ever going there.  Others, mainly artists and alchemists, return their again and again to experience the refreshing disorientations of the place and liken it to bathing in a health-giving and rejuvenating spring.


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