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or26 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 26. A man sitting at the bottom of a crater

When he looked up there was only sky. The crater’s walls were smooth, like a cup, which made him feel like dregs, like a tea leaf which someone might look down on and read. It was here a meteor had struck the earth. The air was silent, and yet seemed still to faintly reverberate with that long ago celestial violence.

It was peacefully exciting.

Azoth Oracle

In the Museum of Peth three baby rabbits huddles together sleeping.  198 years ago they were born in captivity on a farm in the countryside near the town of Trin.  After birth they nursed their mother for three days, and then falling asleep together, never woke.

In the nearly two centuries they have been in the Museum they have not aged, and appear wonderfully healthy, stirring, sometimes in their sleep or huddling closer together.

When asked if he might explain this mystery Irnad said, “These three rabbits run and play with their mother, but in fields not of our knowing, their physical bodies anchored here like  the roots of a tree in the unseen world of soil so that the leaves and branches beyond might enjoy the wind and sun of another realm.

“In fact, they are the spirits of three fairies who, loving physical bodies have chosen to be in them and stay attached to them here as they wander and explore in other lands.”




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