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or25 150 150 John Sandbach

Aries 25. A man studying a sequence of random numbers.

The numbers were busy changing – adding to each other, multiplying and dividing. The man kept thinking this all had meaning, and was trying to capture it. “You may try to confine us in the box of your intellect,” said the numbers, “but you will learn nothing from doing so. Each of us is eternally being born in an infinite flow. Please – come and play with us, and give up your fear of drowning.”

Azoth Oracle

In the mythical garden of Zior it is said that a certain tree yields forth, every thousand years, invisible fruit which contains secrets, these secrets being of many and diverse kinds concerning the movement and habits of energies, how they are born, how mate with each other, producing broods of other secrets, and how they die.

It is also said that many of the wise of Aab have before birth, dwelt in Zior, some for centuries, waiting for this tree to fruit and to eat of it, so they might bring it’s nourishment with them when they take on bodies in Aab.

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