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or239 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 29. Through a doorway, nothing but empty, blue sky in all directions.

(From the book “Strange Entrances,” by Ethelric the Dubious): “A hidden doorway was discovered by accident in the study of a certain deceased Alchemist whose relatives have requested that his name remain anonymous. When this doorway was opened there was found to be nothing beyond it but blue, cloudless sky to be seen in all directions. The sky was competely devoid of features – no Sun, Moon or passing birds marred its perfection, and even when night came the sky beyond the door remained the same blue.

“A certain bold investigator actually stepped through the door and found himself freed of gravity as he floated in space. When he turned back he saw the door and the room he had come from, but with no other supportive edifice surrounding it. Swimming through blue to see what was behind the door he found nothing but more blue. When he returned to the door and stepped back into the study he glowed with a faint blue radiance which lasted for several hours.

“News of the room spread fast and excited crowds came to see it, and can attest to its reality, though it faded in just three days, as if it had been nothing more than a flower, leaving behind it a wall of stone.”

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