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or238 150 150 John Sandbach

Scorpio 28. A man who speaks only in meter and rhyme.

“The Far Islands” is an epic poem of 30,000 lines written, or recited, rather, by the Poet Elorious. Knowing that he would create this work – but not where or when — he spent ten years in preparation for its emergence by speaking only in meter and rhyme.

And then, on April 18th of the year 3641 he attended a feast at King Eran the VI’s palace and was asked to entertain in the evening. Spontaneously he began telling the story of Aandar and the Far Islands, which was continued far into the night, and then over the next few evenings as well, a scribe renowned for his swiftness at recording words in a shorthand of his own invention writing each line down as it was spoken.

If not for this amazingly adept scribe, whose name was never recorded by the historians, Elorious’ magnificent poem would have never come down to us.

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