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or209 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 29. In a spiritual text, a man searches for hidden codes.

At first he added and subtracted words, using the traditional numbers ascribed to each letter. He tried backwards alphabets, lattices and grids and other patterns. Here and there he uncovered secrets, but only small ones, little shards of wisdom that he knew were insignificant compared to the deeper secrets he could feel hiding within the text.

And then one day as he was reading he seemed to lose himself, and as he did he “saw” into the words, actually entered their world and found it not to be something to figure out, but rather a place through which to wander and enjoy the beauty he found there. So he became an animal of that world and drank of its mysterious waters, waters that quenched his thirst more deeply than it had ever been quenched, and ate the fruits of all kinds which he found as he wandered the forests and plains, each different fruit satiating a different hunger within him.

Fulfilled he lay down in the moonlight of this new world and slept.

And even when he returned to his own familiar world, he realized that he was different. He had become a part of the book.

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