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or208 150 150 John Sandbach

Libra 28. A blind piano tuner.

The blind piano tuner Adrianus of Peth was an adept at creative mistuning. If he knew the work which was to be played on a keyboard, he could tune the keys so that they were subtly out of tune in a way that enhanced the sound of the music, making sad, dolorous works so much more deeply sad by the vague inharmonies of the notes, and joyous works so much more joyous by strange disharmonies that kindled a fiery ecstasy in the ears.

It was noted by listeners that even when the same work was played at different times after he had tuned the keyboard the work never sounded the same, nor, he said, could he ever duplicate the same effect. For the Angels of Sound who guided his hands explained to him that they always had new sounds to bring into the world, and had no time to revisit sounds of the past, which might be revisited only through entering the realms of memory.

And so, with each tuning he created new music, but rather than through notes of his own combining, through notes of his own divising.

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