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or152 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 2. A table on which many healing have been performed.

I, the healing table, belong to an illustrious community of locations where humans lay prone. We consist mainly of beds, coffins, and autopsy tables, and of course, my breed, where people come to be healed.

Prone, the body naturally re-establishes its earthly nature as it lays there upon me, sometimes beneath the sky, or most often beneath its surrogate – a ceiling. I am always surprised that I can support such weight and such vastness – whole worlds, mostly forgotten, and immeasurable continents of dreams, with their dense forests of images, and seas where creatures appear spontaneously in the depths as others continually mutate, while, in the atmosphere of these worlds currents of desires and herds of unformed thoughts flow in the air like gigantic rivers, creating weather.

And though I am only a table I am porous enough to receive the residues of all these dreams and memories, and when needed to recall what is stored in me to assist the healer.

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