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or151 150 150 John Sandbach

Virgo 1. Late at night, someone comes home and slowly ascends the stairs.

The inner space, though, is what you see above you at night. When you look at the stars your eyes do not go to them, for their light has already come to you, and once you see it you realize you need to go nowhere because at night you’re always here, whereas in day you’re always everywhere else, caught up in the flurries and demands of illusions.

And so he came home and realized there was work to do. He wanted to become disengaged from the machines called stories, and enough darkness to see what was in the sky, and to realize he had always been in it.

Problems have a way of inventing us, and he began to see, as he looked at the stars out his window, that he was the laboratory, and the experiment was him.

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