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Planets activating the Uranus/Node midpoint (♅ ☊)

Planets activating the Uranus/Node midpoint (♅ ☊)

Planets activating the Uranus/Node midpoint (♅ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To connect with others freely. Sudden contacts, or sudden changes in one’s connections. The growth of one’s individuality through become more deeply aware of and in tune with one’s own unique nature. To free oneself of the past. The ability to perceive with ever increasing clarity one’s own individual needs.

Process: The testing of the limits of one’s connections, and the bringing of greater freedom and openness to them. The forming and dissolving of connections at will, or as needed.

Sun: You feel it is important that you are able to connect with other people in a free and open manner. Placing importance on relationships that are as free from restrictions and limitations as possible.

Moon: You have an emotional need to be able to freely connect with others. A feeling of safety and security when you are allowed to be open and uninhibited in your personal interactions. The tendency at times to run away from problems, especially when you feel vulnerable.

Mercury: A mind which is capable of making unusual connections that are often inspired and original. The desire to be able to share one’s ideas with others openly. To have new insights into the past. A genius for coming up with new and original ideas of how to progress.

Venus: The need for freedom in your relationships. Love relationships in which the people involved connect in a free and open way. The ability to get others to appreciate the need for change. A love of art that is freed of the past and carries a new and/or experimental energy that is meaningful.

Mars: In whatever you do you feel a need now and then to experiment with and/or change your approach, so that you are constantly overcoming any tendency to just fall into a pattern or routine.

Jupiter: Success through freely connecting with other people and through bringing new ideas into the world.

Saturn: To be patient and persistent about bringing new ideas into the world and furthering human progress. To be cautious about being open in groups. To have difficulty being free and uninhibited when connecting with others.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to free themselves from the past as well as to see the past in a new way. You also help others to be more open when they connect with others, and to seek connections that fulfill their own unique needs.

Neptune: One’s imagination is characterized by the ability to make unusual, startling and/or vivid connections between things. Insights that can free one from the past and cause one to see it from a new perspective.

Pluto: A driving urge to free oneself from the past as well as to be able to connect in an uninhibited way with others. To achieve greater freedom has a deeply transformative effect on the self.

Ascendant: One has the ability to freely connect with others. The desire to be able to change the self and to let go of the limits you tend to place on your identity so that you may grow.

Midheaven: Your dharma in this lifetime is to help others to free themselves up to grow, to release themselves from limiting ties of the past, and to follow their own unique destiny.

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