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Planets activating the Uranus/Midheaven midpoint (♅ MC)

Planets activating the Uranus/Midheaven midpoint (♅ MC)

Planets activating the Uranus/Midheaven midpoint (♅ MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To find one’s own unique path in life, and/or to approach it experimentally and/or on one’s own. To have unique or unusual gifts to give to the world. Upsets or unexpected occurrences in one’s career. To rebel against authority figures and/or the status quo. One’s career work is carried out in an independent, unique and/or innovative manner.

Process: Opening oneself up to messages and other impulses coming from the spiritual realms. The freeing oneself from social restrictions and negative dependence on authorities and authority figures.

Sun: One feels it is important to have freedom in one’s career, and ultimately to be one’s own authority.
A desire to be looked up to for the distinctiveness and originality of one’s work.

Moon: To over-exaggerate any career upsets. To feel vulnerable about the world’s reactions to your being different or unusual. The emotional need to be respected for being one’s own unique self.

Mercury: To want to share one’s own original or unique ideas with the world. A mind that has its own independent connection to spiritual truth.

Venus: In love relationships you want others to respect your freedom, independence, and uniqueness. To appreciate any new and/or innovative ways of expressing spiritual energy. Art that challenges authority.

Mars: To assertively challenge authority. One who is in conflict with the status quo. One who is aggressive and assertive about finding their own path in life.

Jupiter: Success through taking an original approach to one’s career. An enthusiasm for fomenting social change. To feel confident about one’s own highly individualistic approach to life.

Saturn: A fear of allowing the world to see one’s individuality and uniqueness. The tendency to repress urges to rebel against authority. After much soul searching one gradually finds one’s own individual path in life.

Chiron: Your vibration helps others to find their own unique path to God, and to be more uninhibited about opening up to spiritual messages. You also have the inate ability to heal feelings of social alienation, and to help others see the value of their own personal uniqueness to the world

Neptune: To have visions about innovations that need to be carried out in the world. A refined way of expressing one’s creativity, individuality and uniqueness to the world. To feel uncertain about pursuing one’s own individual and independent way in life.

Pluto: A driving urge to be free and open in a highly overt fashion. One is intensely compelled to set up one’s own rules, and arrive at one’s own ethics and philosophy of life. The potential of drastic rebellion against authority figures and the status quo.

Node: To connect with people who will appreciate and respect one’s individuality and independence. In this lifetime one is learning how to be one’s own authority.

Ascendant: To present oneself to the world in an independent and dignified manner. The need to share one’s original insights with others.

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