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Planets activating the Pluto/Node midpoint (♇ ☊)

Planets activating the Pluto/Node midpoint (♇ ☊)

Planets activating the Pluto/Node midpoint (♇ ☊) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: An intensely strong pull toward the past and its situations. The need to overcome this so that one may make progress. A tremendous tug-o-war between the past and the future. Connecting with others who have a huge impact on you and with whom yo may experience power struggles.

Process: The intensifying of one’s connections with others for the purpose of breaking through limitations and restrictions and furthering evolution. The remaking of the past through the changing of one’s attitude toward it. Giving in to the compulsion to evolve.

Sun: One feels it is meaningful and important to connect with people who have much power, and/or to have intense connections with others. The need to not allow the past to get in the way of one’s fulfilling one’s goals.

Moon: To feel vulnerable to the power of other people. To feel the past as being on the one hand oppressive and yet to be extremely drawn to remaining connected to it. The need to be very careful about who one forms connections with, and to try to seek out others who will truly meet one’s needs to be nurtured in a way that encourages one’s personal growth rather than the development of dependency.

Mercury: The ability to make intense and highly vivid connections when one communicates. A mind that is trying to synthesize the past with the future.

Venus: A love of connecting intensely with other people. To have a love relationship with someone who tries to dominate you, or whom you try to dominate.

Mars: Aggressively and assertively trying to undo the past so that you are freed to grow. Conflicts with people who are trying to dominate you or who you are trying to dominate.

Jupiter: To be enthusiastic about having intense connections with people but possibly to go too far in this, causing stress and possibly damaging the connection. One is learning in this lifetime how to use power in a new way.

Saturn: A fear of powerful connections with other people, and a tendency to feel oppressed or restricted by them. The feeling that there is no way to avoid the changes that need to be made in one’s life, and the tendency to feel great stress and pressure until those change are under way.

Chiron: One helps others to get go of the past and to embrace the future, often in ways and to an extent that they never thought they could. The ability to spontaneously evoke in others memories of the past that need to be released.

Uranus: A genius for having an intense and/or extreme impact on those with whom one connects. The need to be liberated from power struggles with other people and to break one’s inhibiting and limiting ties with the past.

Neptune: To have vivid sometimes overwhelming imaginings about one’s past, and potentially about the traumatic situations one has been through. One is intuitively aware of pressures and intensities going on between themselves and those with whom they connect. To feel confused about the power struggles that go on between you and other people. The possibility of obsessively idealizing the past. Your intuition can guide you toward making far-reaching changes that will help you to grow.

Ascendant: The need to give in to the changes that one’s personality needs to go through, but the tendency to obsessively hold on to old ways of being and of defining the self due to a fear of self loss. When you allow yourself to let go of identifying with things that no longer serve your evolution you become tremendously empowered.

Midheaven: What you are needing to work toward in this lifetime is the making of connections with life in general and other people specifically that are intense and transformational and which serve to further your evolution. The spiritual light pressures you to connect with it, which creates stress until you give in to it and are then empowered by it.

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