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Planets activating the Pluto/Ascendant midpoint (♇ ASC)

Planets activating the Pluto/Ascendant midpoint (♇ ASC)

Planets activating the Pluto/Ascendant midpoint (♇ ASC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: When you identify with something you do so intensely and obsessively. You may come across as a powerful person, either overtly or in a subtle manner. The need to allow one’s personality to evolve, but the tendency to cling to particular ways of defining the self and to have immense difficulties in letting go of or changing them. Struggling with one’s self concept, which can create power struggles in relationships.

Process: The intensification of the personality to the point of creating mutations within it. The realization of both extremes of power and weakness within one’s identity.

Sun: To be able to come across intensely and powerfully to to others, but to do so in a purposeful way and with a strong sense of meaningful direction. Egotism manifesting as an intimidating and/or overpowering personality.

Moon: The emotional need for intense connections with other people. To feel extremely vulnerable about all you dislike about yourself. One goes through cycles of very intense and possibly stressful interactions with others.

Mercury: The ability to put one’s ideas across to others with a lot of personal intensity. The way you speak, write, and communicate in general has about it the aura of being one with a strong and distinctive personality.

Venus: A love of coming across with a lot of intensity, and of people who also do this. To appreciate pressures in one’s own and others’ personalities, as well as appreciating the process of one’s personality transforming.

Mars: Whatever one does carries a strong aura of personal uniqueness and power, though it may intimidate other people. Anger over your own personality and forces in it which you can’t seem to get away from or change. To work hard to change oneself.

Jupiter: Enthusiasm which can manifest in an overpowering and/or intimidating way. To be eager and optimistic about the positive outcome of intense encounters with others, and about the potential of positively changing oneself.

Saturn: To fear and repress one’s own personal power, and/or to feel oppressed by it. To feel unable to change oneself and/or to let go of worn out or no longer needed elements of one’s identity. To feel very serious about intense interactions with others.

Chiron: One’s energy spontaneously brings out intensity in others, and can help them to see themselves in a new way and to let go of no longer needed personality traits.

Uranus: One’s unique characteristics manifest in a highly intense manner. Strange and unexpected transformations in one’s personality. An intense identification with something of an unusual or bizarre nature. A genius for coming across to others in a vivid, powerful or potent manner.

Neptune: Intense and even obsessive identification with one’s ideals and/or imaginings. Subtle transformations occurring in one’s personality.

Node: The need to let go of over-identifying with the past and to be open to spiritual forces transforming one’s identity. One connects to people and situations that have an intense impact on one’s sense of selfhood.

Midheaven: Either to allow spiritual forces to strengthen and clarify one’s identity, or to fall prey to obsessive identification with worldly success.

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