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Planets activating the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (♆ ♇)

Planets activating the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (♆ ♇)

Planets activating the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (♆ ♇) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To tap into or be affected by extreme subtleties. The process of refining and transforming energy. Tremendous often overpowering imaginings. Obsessive imaginings and visions. Hallucinations. Profoundly deep idealism. Supernatural occurrences. To be transformed and evolved by one’s visions.

Process: Pressure that forces outside the physical realm exert on one for the purpose of furthering one’s evolution. The intensification of confusion which impels one eventually toward clarity.

Sun: A person who is highly aware of and conscious of extremely subtle energies, which can potentially have a debilitating effect on their energy, or, when harnessed and directed, an uplifting, harmonizing and vitalizing effect. A person who is intensely idealistic about their goals.

Moon: One who is extremely emotionally sensitive and extremely impressionable to subtle energies, which could cause strange health problems, asthma and allergic reactions being among them. A person who derives security from extreme or profound fantasies, or who feels emotionally attached to intense ideals.

Mercury: One who communicates with great subtlety, which, of course, may be lost on other people. The communication of intense and powerful fantasies. Thinking which is extremely confused.

Venus: A person who is extremely sensitive when in love, and who may be relentlessly unrealistic about romance. An attraction to powerfully imaginative art. To appreciate the deepest subtleties.

Mars: The ability to assert oneself with extreme subtlety, possibly in a hidden or covert way. To act oj the basis of an extreme idealism. The potential of being subtly destructive.

Jupiter: The ability to understand things at an extremely subtle level. The eagerness to explore imaginings with the hope that one can use them for one’s own personal evolution.

Saturn: To be afraid of psychic energy and supernatural occurrences. Fears and phobias that are based in intense imaginings. Problems of a subtle nature that can only be discovered by intuitive means and deeply searching into the psyche.

Chiron: A person who’s energy helps others to experience subtler levels of reality, and open their consciousness to other planes of being. They also help others to rekindle their ideals and to uplift their minds and hearts to higher levels.

Uranus: Originality manifesting through a powerful imagination that could even have the ability to transform the lives of other people. The carrying out of subtle experiments. The appearance of sudden states of confusion and/or disorientation, or possibly the sudden occurrence of potent visions which may transform one’s life.

Node: To connect with others with whom one feels a profound psychic connection. Subtle and hidden energies at work when one connects with people. To seek out those who hold one’s same intense ideals as oneself. One is learning in this lifetime to overcome the negative effects of subtle psychic energies, and to relate to those energies in a life supporting and positive way, so that they serve to uplift both the self and all those with whom you come in contact.

Ascendant: One’s personality is laden with extreme subtlety. The tendency to not be who one appears to be. To be intensely idealistic about one’s identity, and possibly to have extreme imaginings about the self.

Midheaven: The tendency to idealize parent figures and people in authority, and consequently the possibility of being profoundly let down by doing so. Extreme dedication to one’s career. To approach one’s career work with tremendous imaginativeness and/or subtlety.

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