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Midpoints (4)

Midpoints (4)

Midpoints (4) 150 150 John Sandbach

And now let’s look at some of Sandra’s midpoints: Venus=Sun/Saturn: She appreciates (Venus) a depth (Saturn) of meaning (Sun). In her relationships (Venus) she seeks a spiritual (Saturn) purpose (Sun).

She also has Moon=Mercury/Pluto. So we know that this midpoint is about her emotions. We can say that she get emotionally involved (Moon) in intense )(Pluto) conversations (Mercury). And that she is quite impressionable (Moon) to transformative and/or powerful (Pluto) ideas (Mercury).

She also has Neptune=Sun/Mars, so that when it comes to her ideals she is capable of purposefully mobilizing herself. Sun/Mars can signify working toward goals, but Neptune, unfortunately, can sometimes create hidden barriers or uncertainty. And so when she is trying to attain a goal it is best that she be as grounded as possible, for grounding helps to alleviate the negative effects of Neptune.

She also has Neptune=Mercury/Venus, so her imagination (Neptune) is greatly stimulated by beautiful or artful communication.

And Mars=Sun/Venus. Sun/Venus can mean bringing things to light (Sun) in relationships (Venus), and this might be something that she assertively (Mars) does. Or we might say she asserts herself or becomes aroused to action (Mars) when she really appreciates (Venus) the purpose (Sun) of something.

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