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Midpoints (3)

Midpoints (3)

Midpoints (3) 150 150 John Sandbach

I’m thinking about midpoints — a challenging astrological technique, yet one that can yield tremendous results.

Here’s one for you: Neptune on the Saturn/Mercury midpoint. Saturn/Mercury signifies difficulty communicating, for one thing. So this midpoint could mean difficulty communicating due to vagueness, or uncertainty. It could also mean deep communication of great subtlety (Neptune). I think a good technique to use with all midpoint work is to observe the house occupied by the planet on the midpoint, for this will show where the midpoint energy is focused. In the case of this Neptune=Saturn/Mercury, Neptune is in the 7th house, so the focus of what was just stated about his midpoint is in the realm of relating.

Saturn mercury can also means rigid or narrow thinking, and here, with Neptune on the midpoint can signify idealism (Neptune) based in rigid or narrow thinking. It could also mean, though, simple ideas (Saturn=austerity, mercury=ideas) expressed with great subtlety.

These ideas need to be integrated into our everyday approach to astrology, so that when we look at a chart we say, “well, Neptune is in the 7th house, is in Sagittarius, and is also on the Saturn/Mercury midpoint.”

The most difficult point for me to integrate into my midpoint work is the Node, but I’m getting better at it. What makes it difficult for me, I think, is that the Node is in no way, EVER, to be UNDERESTIMATED. Because it is our evolutionary path, it is, in a sense, the core of the chart.

The Midheaven has also been hard for me to integrate. Put simply, its none other than our connection to God, and our ability to channel the energy of the Divine. Ironically, on lower levels it becomes such things as the employer, the boss, our reputation. Yes, our reputation should, in an ideal world be based on the extent to which we channel God energy. In an ideal world it would be that way.

So Node=Moon/Mercury means that this person’s evolutionary path (Node) has to do with allowing himself be open and vulnerable (Moon) when communicating (Mercury). Also to develop the ability to tune in to the flow (Moon) of communication (Mercury). And Node in this case is in 1st house, meaning that this can happen once he becomes clear and centered in his identity, that is knows and affirms who he is.

Hey, readers — send me some midpoints and I’ll interpret them and will dialog. Have a great day, all!

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