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Planets activating the Mercury/Venus midpoint (☿ ♀)

Planets activating the Mercury/Venus midpoint (☿ ♀)

Planets activating the Mercury/Venus midpoint (☿ ♀) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: An appreciation of aesthetics. The ability to communicate artfully, smoothly, and/or beautifully. A love of ideas, communication, speaking, etc. Communication in relationships.

Process: The ability to use language and communication in general as a peace-making device, and to help others exchange ideas in a harmonious, appreciative manner.

Sun: A potential master of beautiful communication. The ability to be very persuasive when one speaks or writes. Goals attained through the use of diplomacy and artful communication. An egotist in love with his or her own ideas.

Moon: The emotional need to communicate about what one loves. Feeling uncertain or vulnerable about the value of one’s own ideas. Harmonious and peaceful communication gives one a feeling of security.

Mars: To forcefully or assertively communicate in an artful or smooth way. When one acts it tends to be with a smooth flexibility, meaning an ability to easily work around any problems or challenges that come up.

Jupiter: A wealth of artistic cleverness. The accumulation of beautiful or valuable ideas. A love of philosophical ideas artfully or beautifully expressed. An eagerness to share knowledge.

Saturn: Practicality manifesting through cleverness. An ability to organize thoughts in a beautiful, simple and/or profound manner. Difficulty in finding the right words to put an idea across diplomatically or persuasively,but an ability to do so in a clear, simple, focused way.

Chiron: The instinctive ability to imbue all communication with love, as well as an ability to have a soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous systems of others.

Uranus: A genius for beautiful, artful and/or persuasive communication. The ability to catch others off guard when communicating, often in a delightful, entertaining manner. Having one’s own unique way of beautifully saying things.

Neptune: The ability to be very subtle when communicating, sometimes to the point that one’s meaning eludes others. Fantasies and imaginings that are communicated beautifully. To delude oneself with superficial, lazy, and/or selfish thinking.

Pluto: An intensely powerful manner of artful communication. The ability to be seductive with words. Smooth and/or polished communication that has a deep impact on others. A profound involvement with the beauty of language.

Node: Connecting with others who appreciate one’s ideas. One finds it easy to be flexible when connecting with others and through on’s words to put them at ease. One is learning in this lifetime to communicate one’s truest and deepest values rather than being content with merely superficial or easy ways of thinking and communicating.

Ascendant: One comes across as a smooth and flexible person. The ability to project oneself in an accomodating and diplomatic manner.

Midheaven: The communication of love is one’s highest attainment in the lifetime. One’s work involves the soothing of others, maybe through offering words or ideas of comfort and beauty.

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