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Planets activating the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint (☿ ♃)

Planets activating the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint (☿ ♃)

Planets activating the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint (☿ ♃) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The ability to synthesize ideas. Enthusiastic communication. Excessive thinking. Enthusiasm for many ideas. Saying too much. Philosophical thinking. Having too much on one’s mind makes one absent minded.

Process: The collection and coordination of information. The generous sharing of thoughts and ideas.

Sun: Objectivity in one’s philosophical thinking. One’s goal in life has to do with successful communication. One’s objectives are furthered by making successful and supportive connections.

Moon: Security comes from expanded thinking and/or synthesizing ideas. Having a good instinct for how to encourage others through communication. Impressionable to many sorts of ideas.

Venus: A love of talking about a wide range of topics. A love of getting worked up in one’s mind about something. A love of free and easy communication. One is attracted to anything which expands and enriches the mind.

Mars: Action based on having taking a lot of factors into account. Saying too much causes conflicts. Taking the initiative to bring up issues and try to work them out.

Saturn: One is burdened with too many ideas, which makes it difficult to make decisions. Being uncertain as to how to put ideas together. Philosophical thinking of great depth.

Chiron: To intuitively communicate in an uplifting expansive manner which imbues others with greater faith and optimism. This often happens in a hidden or subtle fashion. Healing through the synthesizing and harmonizing of ideas.

Uranus: A love of unusual ideas. An ability to put ideas together in one’s own unique way. Sudden and unpredictable episodes of pouring forth ideas.

Neptune: Too much thinking can cause confusion. A clever and expansive imagination. One’s idealism causes one to reach out to a wealth of ideas. One feels an obligation to be generous in the spreading of useful information.

Pluto: A mind which is always enlarging on ideas. Too much thinking can eventually exhaust the self, leading to a breakthrough.

Node: The desire to seek out contacts that will enrich the mind. Too much jumping around from thing to thing needs to be transmuted into mental harmony and the meaningful coordination of ideas.

Ascendant: One is potentially too flexible and willing to compromise in relationships. If the person says too much it can cause them to not be taken seriously, or cause people to not listen to them very carefully. Insecurity can cause the person to talk a lot.

Midheaven: A career involving the coordination of ideas, and/or encouraging others through communication. A professional teacher. A person good at research. Playing the role of an authority figure who is generous with his or her ideas.

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