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Planets activating the Mercury/Midheaven midpoint (☿ MC)

Planets activating the Mercury/Midheaven midpoint (☿ MC)

Planets activating the Mercury/Midheaven midpoint (☿ MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: The attaining of greater powers and abilities of commuication. Spiritualized thinking. Communication with authorities and authority figures. Making public one’s ideas. How one’s ideas and thinking interact with one’s career. The need to ultimately figure out things for oneself rather than listening solely to the ideas of other people, no matter how authoritative they are.

Process: Allowing one’s mind to become increasingly infused with and guided by spiritual forces. Communicating with authority figures and receiving the impress of their ideas.

Sun: To develop a command or mastery of communicating in your career, or of communicating spiritual ideas. The success of one’s goals depend on one’s ability to be flexible and open to the reception of spiritual ideas.

Moon: Being vulnerable to the ideas and thinking of authority figures. The emotional need to find basic ideas that will provide one security.

Venus: To appreciate the ideas of experts, or those with authority. An appreciation of ideas that carry spiritual authority. A love of thinking about worldly things. To appreciate the complexity of ideas..

Mars: The desire to find out the ideas that are most right and true. The desire to base one’s actions of spiritual ideas. The tendency to justify what one does by pointing out the rightness of one’s ideas.

Jupiter: To have copious thoughts about many things. To be enthusiastic about exploring ideas in all their complexity and interconnectedness. Success through publicizing one’s ideas and or through using one’s cleverness in one’s career.

Saturn: Uncertainty about what one thinks. Coming to conclusions slowly and gradually, oftentimes with much suffering of doubt. The need to be alone to figure out on one’s own what one thinks. A fear or shyness concerning sharing one’s ideas with the world. The feeling that one has a lack of authority figures to guide one’s mind and give one needed information.

Chiron: Your energy naturally spiritualizes all communication, raising ideas into higher vibrations and allowing all exchanging of information to become more in alignment with cosmic realities. You instinctively assist others in connecting to their higher self.

Uranus: The need to take an independent course in developing one’s ideas. To have spiritual ideas come to one suddenly, or in an unexpected form. To rebel against conservative thinking and the ideas of those general accepted as authorities.

Neptune: To be able to subtly perceive the spiritual communications coming to one. An imagination that has great cleverness and complexity. The potential of one’s ideas being misapprehended by the world.

Pluto: To be obsessed with certain ideas and the wish to fulfill them. To have intense and/or transforming communications with those in authority, or with the spiritual realms directly.

Node: To connect with people in the search for ultimate truth. To need connections with others who will respect and look up to one’s ideas. In this lifetime one is growing in terms of developing one’s mental powers and the ability to think clearly and spiritually.

Ascendant: To identify with being a high-minded person. To play the role of an authoritative thinker. The desire and need to project spiritual ideas through one’s personality.

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