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Planets activating the Venus/Mars midpoint (♀ ♂)

Planets activating the Venus/Mars midpoint (♀ ♂)

Planets activating the Venus/Mars midpoint (♀ ♂) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Efficiency (Marc Edmund Jones). The ability to get things done. A love of asserting oneself. To be aggressive and assertive in romance. A warm and passionate love nature.

Process: Learning how to more and more effectively show love and align all of one’s actions with its energy. Finding increasingly easier and smoother ways to get things accomplished without having to in any way slight or limit the fulfillment of one’s goals.

Sun: The potential of being a master of efficiency. Goals reached through gradual and daily accomplishment. One feels that romance is important and feels vitalized by it. One’s ego and self esteem are dependent on one’s ability to get things accomplished.

Moon: A strong emotional need to experience love. To feel vulnerable where one’s passions are concerned. One’s ability to get things done is highly dependent on one’s moods and emotional state.

Mercury: Highly efficient thinking, meaning the ability to figure things out and come to workable, practical conclusions. A flirting way of communicating. The ability to be seductive or to tease with words.

Jupiter: The ability to get many things done at once. The tendency to be inefficient due to taking on too many things. Feeling confident that one can get things accomplished. To be enthusiastic about romance.

Saturn: Efficiency carried out slowly and carefully or gradually. To feel a lack of romance in one’s life. To desire serious romance. A great ability to focus and to shut others things out when accomplishing something. A feeling that one is unattractive.

Chiron: To have a deep intuition concerning what is not working, in terms of people getting their spiritual needs met, and also to know what will work. Hence healing others through helping the to get unstuck and to become more smooth in their forward movement.

Uranus: Sudden and abrupt expression of passion, which can cause the love one to feel intimidated or withdraw. A unique and highly individualistic way of expression passion, which might delight the loved one, or seem strange or even bizarre to a less open-minded person. One gifted with the ability to find inspired and unsuspected ways of accomplishing things.

Neptune: Subtlety and refinement in the expression of passion. An imaginative, gothic, or romantic love nature. Lack of efficiency due to confusion, or, when one develops one’s psychic sense, the ability to enlist one’s intuition in the successful accomplishment of tasks.

Pluto: Extremely strong or even obsessive passions. The desire to get projects of great scope accomplished, often ones that will benefit humanity. A person who is exceptionally seductive or flirtative.

Node: The desire to connect with people who will help one get things done, and/or to bring efficiency to groups. One needs to direct one’s ability to be efficient toward spiritually evolving rather than only maintaining the status quo.

Ascendant: A person with a lot of verve. One who is attractive and/or seductive. Being efficient gives one a sense of identity. A person who plays the role of a facilitator

Midheaven: The desire to find efficient ways of bringing spiritual energy into the earth plane. The ability to accomplish much in one’s career. To set up clearly defined tasks in one’s profession and then to get them done.

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