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Planets activating the Mars/Midheaven midpoint (♂ MC)

Planets activating the Mars/Midheaven midpoint (♂ MC)

Planets activating the Mars/Midheaven midpoint (♂ MC) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: To align one’s actions with one’s Higher Self and spiritual principles. To take action based on the dictated of Spirit. To work hard at one’s career, and to create security for oneself. Conflicts with one’s employer and with authority figures.

Process: Active union with guiding spiritual forces. To assert oneself in the world. To build one’s authority. To engage in active and assertive parenting.

Sun: One is vitalized by actively living up to one’s life purpose. To make others aware of the need to receive active and positive parenting.

Moon: Conflicts with authority figures cause feelings of insecurity. The emotional need to act on the dictates of Spirit. One feels secure when working on something that feels like it will benefit the world, or fulfill one’s spiritual mission.

Mercury: One’s ideas may be inconflict with authorities. One’s ideas challenge accepted ways of thinking about things. To be outspoken about ethics, morals, and what one feels is right.

Venus: One expresses love by acting in an ethical, moral, and spiritual manner. One finds value in attempting to align one’s actions with high-minded principles. It is easy for one to work hard at one’s career.

Jupiter: Someone who is successful and effective at taking charge of things and being the person to manage or organize something. An enthusiasm for directing other people and working in a position of authority.

Saturn: To be uncertain or insecure about acting on the dictates of one’s higher consciousness. A need to take charge of things but a resistance to doing so.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to actively and assertively align themselves with higher truths, which has the effect of spiritualizing their ability to confront difficulties and problems, and to assert themselves. You also help them, when necessary, to come into conflict with authorities and the part of them that is telling them what to do.

Uranus: One need to allow one’s uniqueness to manifest, and to find ways of assisting and supporting it. One has a very individual and even usual contribution to make to the world.

Neptune: To allow one’s intuition to guide one’s actions so that spiritual forces are channeled through one into physical reality. To feel an obligation to do things to change the world. To be ineffective at asserting oneself in the world.

Pluto: An intense desire to develop one’s powers and abilities, and possibly to be an authority. An extreme urge to climb socially or spiritually so that one can use one’s position, hopefully for the benefit of the world.

Node: In this lifetime one is developing skills with which to serve the world. Connecting with others who help one to develop one’s effectiveness in action.

Ascendant: One identifies with doing what is right, which could possibly cause conflict with authority figures. To relate to others through encouraging them to act on what is right.

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