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Planets activating the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (♃ ♄)

Planets activating the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (♃ ♄)

Planets activating the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (♃ ♄) 150 150 John Sandbach

Principle: Morality, meaning not only what one feels is generally good and bad, but your ideas about what is specifically good for you to do and what is bad for you. This pair rules assessments and judgments about how one should live one’s life. The pair also rules controlled growth, organized expansion, and discipline. Jupiter/Saturn signifies a need to proceed relatively slowly, and in a grounded fashion, so that progress is steady and as free of setbacks as possible. If Saturn exceeds Jupiter in energy then one may feel that progress is too slow, or too limited or frustrating, or that one’s enthusiasm is dampened. If Jupiter exceeds Saturn one may feel a lack of organization and/or stability on one’s progress.

Process: The integration of moral principles into one’s life. The finding of an harmonious and successful way to discipline oneself. The development of the ability to be discerning and critical and yet open, forgiving and accepting at the same time.

Sun: The ability to work at one’s goals steadily and with discipline. One who can be very persistent in taking into consideration the long-range picture and who has the vitality to keep at what is being done.

Moon: To blow moral issues out of proporation – that is, to feel strongly like one should or should not do something, but to imbue the issue with such emotional energy that needless guilt is the result. To feel bad about not disciplining the self enough. One feels secure when working steadily and persistently on a project.

Mercury: A balanced way of communicating that blends support and criticism. A very persistent and patient mind that will delve into something until it obtains what it is looking for.

Venus: One is patient and persistent in the realm of love and is willing to allow it to develop and unfold gradually.

Mars: One’s assertiveness has much staying power. One will not give up until one accomplishes what one set out to do.

Chiron: Your energy helps others to make their moral and ethical values more personally supportive to them, and less based around guilt and fear.

Uranus: You need to come to one’s own decisions about what is right and wrong for you. A genius for seeing what kind of discipline is needed and for justifying why.

Neptune: One needs to be intuitive when it comes to deciding what one should do. A confusion about what one should do. One with persistent idealism.

Pluto: To have extremely strong and intense feelings about right and wrong. To be obsessively persistent in one’s determination. The transforming of a situation through long, hard work.

Node: One is needing more of the right kind of discipline in this lifetime. Seeing out groups of people who help one to figure out what is right and wrong for you to do. The strong determination to stick with those groups or people you have bonded with and to attempt to better them.

Ascendant: One who stands up for one’s values, and who tries to do what is right.

Midheaven: To be patient and persistent in working to attain one’s goals. The slow and careful establishment of security.

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