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Virgo – 9


Degree Angel: HARIEL (HA-ree-EL) Long-Range Vision, Purification, Interacting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: In a freshly plowed field, a man searching for arrowheads.


You are trying to make sense out of your experiences, trying to find the grains of truth, the elements of value amidst all the random input.  At worst your world is fragmented, and if so it’s mirroring your inner feelings of fragmentation. You need to always be looking more deeply and closely at what you’re finding, rather than just seeking to find more.


There can be much beauty in little things, and in fragments.  They can remind us of worlds of the past as we tap in to the energies they have stored in them.  Whoever was ploughing the field had one agenda, but you are using what has resulted from this agenda to discover other things.


Pleiadian Symbol: A medium channeling a spirit drawing.


Allowing energies from other worlds to flow through one’s being without the intervention of conscious objectivity. This has the effect of inducing energies to converge and integrate – to “cement” together. (See the Chandra Symbol).


Chandra Symbol: A man mixing cement.


You want to find ways to fit things together in a substantial, permanent way, so that the bond is strong and sure. This has its place, but if these tightly fused concepts you’re working with cause you to lose sight of your heart, and the need to give and receive love, you may find yourself wandering in a field, like the man of the Omega Symbol asking, “where is the point?” or “what is the point?”


Azoth Symbol: A man in a foreign country in disguise. He is entering a site forbidden to outsiders.


You can slip unnoticed into other paradigms and worlds as a means of learning their hidden inner workings.  You engage in undercover activity that moves beyond normally accepted boundaries.  The man of this symbol, like the man of the Chandra Symbol, has to work and think fast, which forces him to be in the moment.


You have an instinct for how to camouflage yourself, and how to slip into and out of situations which could be dangerous, or at least sticky, were it not for your smooth ways.


Seed Degree: Cancer – 12


A diamond light enough to float. (Omega Symbol). Not allowing ourselves to feel burdened by the ideal of perfection, we content ourselves with seeking out small truths and other precious items which will eventually reconstitute our spiritual wholeness.


Carefully a surgeon begins the dissection of a corpse. (Chandra Symbol). Once we have deeply looked into the structure of things, we are prepared to effectively put things together to create our own structures.


Fulfillment Degree: Gemini – 14


The sound of drumming brings everyone into the present. (Omega Symbol). Searching for something, finding it, and continuing to search, since we always want more, we come to realize that what we are looking for is right here and right now.


A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross. (Chandra Symbol). Working with the solid and dense aspects of life leads us, eventually, to embrace the fact that these qualities are illusions and capable of being manipulated by one’s intent.


Omega Oracle


As he walked, gazing at the ground, he could hear in the creaking of tree branches the taps of artisans hitting the stone, chipping the flint.  Cold wind and blue sky were hard and smooth as the stones.


Not so long ago they had been here. Indians, living by the river, making things out of the stones, tools and arrows. He bent to pick up an arrow whose point he saw sticking out of the rich dirt. It was perfect, unharmed. He would put it with the rest of his collection, in a shadow box where all the arrows pointed in the same direction. And leave the others, still in the ground, to point in all different directions, to whatever times and places they pleased.


Azoth Oracle


It is always to be wondered of what purpose it is to keep secrets,” said Irnad.  “On Earth secrets are often kept to maintain the power of the secret keeper, or to surround the secret with the illusion that it is more precious than it is.  The only reason I can see to keep secrets is that if one is not ready to comprehend certain information there is a tendency to attempt to understand it at one’s own level, and hence to make something of it that is erroneous and quite different from its inherent truth.


“But I keep no secrets from my students.  If they are not ready to understand something I tell it to them anyway, and when their mis-assumptions arise I let them know they’re on the wrong track.  You see the problem is, I think, that everyone always wants to jump to conclusions.


“One of the greatest powers I hope to imbue my students with is the ability to not know and to be at peace with their not knowing.  Certainly there is much I do not know, and though I am humble concerning my wisdom if I have any tendency to be proud of anything it is of my ignorance, whose unknowing is a continual source of joy and enticement to me.”

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