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Virgo – 8


Degree Angel: MEBAHEL (May-ba-HEL) Farewell to Arms, Truth, Liberty, and Justice, Interacting/Receptive




Omega Symbol: People dragging a beached whale back into the ocean.


Difficulties in life are often caused by people being at odds with their environment or having agendas that simply aren’t possible given the parameters they’re dealing with.  You feel that, and know how to remedy the problem by finding better environments in which to realize the desires of both yourself and others – environments in which they can thrive and be fulfilled.  And, of course, sometimes this takes a lot of dragging and a coordinated group effort.


Pleiadian Symbol: A man learning Tai Chi.


You have the ability to be patient, relaxed, and focused as you track with your own energy.  You gently move toward the releasing of pent-up stress.  The man in this symbol becomes aware of the subtle nuances of his own energy as the man of the Chandra Symbol is aware of the subtleties of different colors.  This awareness of subtleties helps the people of the Omega symbol to move toward union with an environment that will support the life of what they’re attempting to accomplish.


Chandra Symbol: A man thinking up names for colors.


There can be no perfect translation between the language of color and the language of words. But how you label things may result in a kind of poetry that can stimulate the imagination of others.  But at worst, if your approach is overly rationalistic rather than poetic you might get so attached to the names for colors and your attempt to be accurate about them that you lose touch with the direct sensation of the colors themselves – then you will need to drag your beached imagination back into the sea of intuition, which is its natural home.


Azoth Symbol: Sacred trees create a protective aura around a temple.


You enlist natural earth energies to support all conscious constructs. The sacred trees protect the temple just as the sea will protect the beached whale of the Omega Symbol once it’s been returned to its element.


Seed Degree: Gemini – 30


From far away a sailor has brought home a carved idol. (Omega Symbol). By exposure to new energies fructifying our commonplace world we come to a clearer realization of who we are and what we need.


Many glass animals on a shelf. (Chandra Symbol). Clearly perceiving the great variety of natural energies we seek to find ways to bring their energies – through creative translation – into our world.


Fulfillment Degree: Taurus – 14


A woman making her way to the center of a labyrinth. (Omega Symbol). When we help others to find the place they need to be, our own path becomes clearer to us.


An old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner. (Chandra Symbol). As we attempt to communicate spiritual realities to others, we find the best way to do this is in a simple, direct and way that all may partake of.


Omega Oracle


Some of the creatures had hold of his tail while others pushed his face. Behind him he could hear the sea calling him, but that was nothing new, it was always calling him, even when he was in it. Before him loomed mountains – he was familiar with those – they grew in the sea as well. But how could the ones up there breathe, hanging like that in the air?


Before long he felt the creatures at his tail leave and come to his head where they helped the others push. Slipping into the surf he took a breath and the sea entered him, happy to be home.


Azoth Oracle


In the far northwestern mountains of the province of Seleeth stands one of the most beautiful temples in all of Aab, round and white and circled with a row of graceful solomonic columns which support a dome.


Soon after the building of it Irnad, having heard of its completion journeyed to it and brought to the priestesses who lived there a seed which he told them they might plant in the middle of the crypt beneath the temple and which they should take care to water daily.  This they did, and within two years they found that the seed had grown runners which went out underground in all directions around the temple and which sent up seedlings into the light, and which over time became great cypress trees, tall and dark, which formed a forest around the temple.


“But to grow in this manner,” said Magrena, “is not the usual habit of cypress trees.  How did such manifestation come about?”


“We always expect seeds to manifest the same form as their parents,” said Irnad, “but seeds are not only subject to the patterns given to them by their history, but also to the type of food they receive, and often given a new form of nourishment they may use it to mutate.  The temple was a new food which inspired the cypress to attain to a new form.”

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