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* Gemini-9


Degree Angel: Rochel (ro-SHEL) Lost and Found, Restitution, Interacting/Responsible




Omega Symbol: A ruby growing in a laboratory.


When we don’t have what we need we can always make what we need, and may sometimes have to adopt complex or extreme methods to do so. Purpose is something that is a spiritual constant, but which on the physical plane is always being recreated in a new form. You are a tremendously resourceful person, and can help people to see that they can get whatever they want and need – all it takes is connectedness to source and attunement to creative vision.


Pleiadian Symbol: Sharp, tiny darts whose tips have been dipped in flower elixirs.


The ability to give and receive energies that are deeply supportive and uplifting. A subtle and acute ability to penetrate the density of matter with the finest of cosmic forces.  You perform psychological acupuncture on others on a very subtle level, and have the intuitive ability to give them just the unique medicine they need.


Chandra Symbol: Wild flowers growing around the ruins of a temple.


What might have been such an effort before now can manifest simply, because it was so well-learned previously. Here the seemingly modest and humble carries within it a spiritually deep and powerful vibration. In the Omega Symbol the ruby comes into being far faster than it would have, had it grown naturally. Ruby, in classical Vedic astrology is the gem of the Sun and so carries the energy of the heart and signifies meaning and purpose – which comes to life in the laboratory, bringing in warmth and vitality, just as the wildflowers bring back to life the spiritual energies once focused in the temple which is now ruined. This is a degree of the rebirth of love, joy, and meaning, which emerges whenever our aspirations and sense of direction have become worn out (the temple ruins), or too cold and removed from the heart (the scientific laboratory).


Azoth Symbol: A man travels through a dreary land under a louring sky.


The ability to keep moving forward even in the midst of doubt and lack of support. The withstanding of the force of heavy, opaque illusions, which exercises and strengthens our soul and fosters the ability to see through all sadness and doubt.  It’s interesting how all that could be fearful and depressing can actually be appreciated as beautifully scenic as long as we refuse to allow it to stop the journey toward our goal.


Seed Degree: Cancer – 9


A man shaking dew off of orchids into a glass vial. (Omega Symbol). Capturing the vital essences of nature, we are able to work them them to find countless new modes of creation.


A skeleton playing a flute. (Chandra Symbol). To accept changes and joyfully partake of the transformations they bring attunes us to a simple approach to life that respects and acknowledges the past and rekindles the spiritual fire within.


Fulfillment Degree: Sagittarius – 6


In a red desert, a lush, green plantation produced by irrigation. (Omega Symbol). Becoming co-creators with nature we are able to establish sources of nourishment even in the most barren of environments.


A pair of shoes with live wings on each. (Chandra Symbol). To simply be ourselves and affirm our life imbues us with an understanding that frees us from all heaviness and oppression.


Omega Oracle


The scientist has found ways to compress time, but the crystals he grows are unaware of this. They think they’ve spent thousands of years in the laboratory, for what is time to beings who breathe light? The ruby grows bigger and pinker and is faintly aware of the ground which it is not in, and the missing darkness, awarenesses rather curious, oddly pleasant, and nourishing to the vividness of its color. (Rubies are unable to worry – certainly the universe is a vast place and stranger things have happened there).

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