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* Gemini-10


Degree Angel: Jabamiah (ya-BA-mee-YAH) Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder, Alchemy, Transformation, Interacting/Inspired




Omega Symbol: Magic glasses which allow one to read a secret text.


Things in the physical realm can often seem very unclear – impenetrable. Sometimes just a slight change of attitude, or viewing things from a different angle, or with a new set of beliefs can cause what is happening to become clear and legible. You are a natural interpreter, and so can help others to understand what is going on through your unique way of seeing.


Pleiadian Symbol: A pterodactyl soaring to get a better look at the stars.


A powerful and primitive urge to transcend one’s environment to get a clearer perception of cosmic realities. One’s most potent urges rise above the ordinary to seek the freedom and space of the whole universe.


Chandra Symbol: A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs.


In both of these symbols something new is perceived that wasn’t before. This degree has highly unique perceptions and so can offer a new and different perspective on many things. It’s especially aware of any dangers afoot, and of hidden motives that others harbor. It may be, though, that this degree’s perceptions are not accepted by other people – maybe because others are in denial, or possibly because these perceptions reveal subconscious motives that the person is not aware of, or maybe for other reasons as well. And so in some contexts it might be better to keep these insights to oneself until the time and/or the context is right to reveal them.


There is also here the danger of jumping to the wrong conclusions as to the meaning and nature of what one perceives, or of misinterpreting data or projecting onto it one’s own fears and desires.


Azoth Symbol: A group of friends perform folk songs.


The ability to smoothly and easily shift the awareness of others toward greater joy and beauty.  You know how to overcoming feelings of alienation, and how to strengthen and reaffirm all those loving and uplifting connections that exist between all people.


Seed Degree: Cancer – 21


A man milking a poisonous snake of its venom so that he can make an antidote. (Omega Symbol). Finding solutions to problems within the problems themselves gives us an alignment to nature that unfolds the understanding of its deepest secrets.


High up on a mountain an eagle’s nest. (Chandra Symbol). Ascending to a place of spiritual power, we are then able to see things more clearly for what they really are.


Fulfillment Degree: Capricorn – 6


A woman inventing magical perfumes. (Omega Symbol). We assimilate the wisdom of the secret text and then are able to invent methods to disseminate its vibrations.


An ancient gold scarab lying in the sand. (Chandra Symbol). When we realize our animal nature and are able to control its power without repressing or denying its existence, we find that we’ve retrieved a precious and wise part of ourselves that was previously lost.


Omega Oracle


The “Colloquy of Rainbows” was in an unknown language and try as they might the scholars of Aab could not translate it. But Irnad invented glasses which, when worn, would allow the reader to scan the text with perfect comprehension. The strange thing about this text though, was that each different reader found a different text before his eyes, and even the same reader found a different text each time he read it.


For a while Irnad had various readers recite to him what they found there and wrote it down translated into Aaban, the language of Aab. But after filling numerous volumes with these highly variegated works, each one replete with secrets and revelations he grew tired of the project. “Let anyone find there whatever he wishes,” he said, “It is a book without end, and I have other things to be doing.”

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