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d68 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 8. A man performing a strange, expressive dance only by moving his hands. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Receptive

(Degree Angel: Habuhiah (he-bU-hee-YAH) Contacting Departed Souls, Healing)


Your very being helps people to be more flexible, to transcend the nightmares and traumas of the past, and to be able to more fully receive from life and give back to it. You have a talent for being able to captivate the attention of others, and through their perception of what you’re doing inspirations are triggered in them that can lead them out of their current life snags.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A chandelier which holds lit candles.” The hands in the Omega Symbol give forth the light of meaning, just as the candles give forth the light by which we can see what is around us. This is a luminous degree, helping others to see their way forward, and giving as much as it can to those in need. It finds within itself what is needed to serve the situation at hand, and can often be surprised at what can come forth from the depths of self at the right moment and when the need arises.

Pleiadian Symbol: The factory machines all stop for a moment. A celestial Choir is heard. Perceiving cosmic beauty beyond the average, everyday, humdrum and routine.

Azoth Symbol: A full Moon brightens the Arctic night. Profound receptivity to messages and impulses that arise from one’s instincts.

Seed degree: Gemini 27. Cleaning someone’s aura with a quartz crystal. (Omega Symbol). The energy field is cleared, which allows communications to spontaneously flow forth from ones being.

Much food stored in a cool cave. (Chandra Symbol). We do all that we can now, and offer all that can be accepted, knowing that whatever is more than that may be saved for later.

Fulfillment degree: Scorpio 6.Unaccustomed to high altitudes, a woman breathes deeply and walks slowly. (Omega Symbol). To take in the subtleties of communication we need to learn to be patient, and proceed as slowly as is necessary.

A dancer with eight arms. (Chandra Symbol). As we focus on the spiritual light, we find ourselves moving under the impulses of its coreography, and moving with a flow that transcends rational thought and decision.


The dance being choreographed for hands alone allowed him to sit peacefully on clouds or lotuses as he danced. He enjoyed watching his hands, being always surprised and delighted to see what they would do next, and he learned much from them as they spoke to each other in the language they made up as they went along. Instinctively his hands knew the art of giving and receiving, the flow into and out of their source.

And then closing his eyes the hands, too decided to rest for awhile, as they laid themselves, one on top of the other, facing upward, in his lap.

Azoth Oracle

On the Island of Larna in the far northern reaches of the Caladan sea there are sometimes travelers who come to this desolate place to receive the rays of the first full Moon after the winter solstice, for such rays provide powerful protection in all magical and alchemical workings. And though they need not be naked to be infused with this special light, they do well cover themselves with a radiant salve concocted of the flesh of salamanders, those creatures of fire whose heat the skin feels not, but which protects the wearer from cold and fierce wind and which makes him feel anywhere as if he walked in bright sunshine and mild breezes.

Few people make the voyage to this place, for the salve is most costly. The salamanders of which it is made may not be killed, for such would render the salve impotent, and since salamanders live to a great age and hide themselves deep in caves their deceased bodies are infrequently discovered, and are more coveted than gold.

Serapis has informed us that the many therapeutic and protective effects of the Northern solstice full moon are due not only to the Moon’s light but to its mixture with the unique atmosphere of Larna Island, as well as the salamander salve worn by the receivers, which the light and land empower to kindle the Moon’s rays into a most bright balm to illuminate the soul’s deepest reaches.


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