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d67 150 150 John Sandbach

Gemini 7. Poetry which sounds beautiful but makes no logical sense. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Eyael (AY-ya-EL) Great Expectations, Transformation to the Sublime)


Logic, which is so compelling and seems so set and clear can be a powerful illusion, for there is always a higher logic, or a different logic which we haven’t taken into account. You are aware of this, and know that what people most need is to listen to the music of their soul and the boundless joy it evokes. This is the guiding force of life.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A table comes to life and runs away.” We sometimes try to make something serve a purpose it doesn’t want to serve. Words, too, have a purpose, but in the Omega Symbol they are freed from that purpose to roam in the imagination. This degree is all about giving up expectations and agendas and either letting things be what they will be, or experimenting with them in new, often unorthodox and unexpected ways.

Pleiadian Symbol: Looking down into a well a man sees, far below, his face. The deep experience of how one’s surrounding reality reflects oneself.

Azoth Symbol: A game of chance offering a fabulous prize.  The willingness to speculate and take risks. Eager anticipation of great opportunities appearing.

Seed degree: Gemini 15. A magician’s tower looms above the surrounding landscape. (Omega Symbol). The creative vision of the whole landscape of self allows us to free our mind of limitation and enjoy the beauty of existence as it is.

People gathering salt from the ocean. (Chandra Symbol). Coming to understand how our emotions are subtly connected to the physical world, we let go of deeply held basic assumptions, which opens us up to life’s surprises and miracles.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 6. On a long voyage, many icebergs encountered. (Omega Symbol). Accepting the mysteriousness of beauty and letting go of the need for explanations, we accept problems and challenges as they are, and learn to deal with them gently, rather than head-on.

A baby with two sets of teeth. (Chandra Symbol). Perceiving that everything has a life of its own, and that everything is always more than it seems, we experience a childlike eagerness to assimilate whatever is nourishing from our experiences.


Many of the words had become bored with appropriate relationships and were seeking other, more illicit connections. And definitions,though they had faithfully served the words they were bound to, had, over time begun to exude a boredom that made the words contemplate the possibility of distant travels, or even short trips, but in directions that freed them from all maps. They craved to communicate something new, something that irritated the understanding, causing it to wake out of an unknown sleep. And, of course, knowing all the time that there would always be ample worlds left to the pristine beauty of their unsayability.

Azoth Oracle

Entering the labyrinth of Osach is a game of chance. One takes a chance in doing so because the labyrinth is constantly changing shape. Above ground it is a hedge maze, but in its corridors one finds many stairs at various places descending into the ground, and if one descends them by lantern light one finds below another maze with other stairs down to other levels – no one knows how many levels there are – there number probably varies as the labyrinth itself does, constantly.

But the labyrinth is kind – everyone escapes eventually, some in hours, other in days, or even years. Once you enter the labyrinth there is no need for sleep, or food, or water – the only need anyone feels there is the need to escape, and sometimes as they search for a way out they happen to find things: the prizes.

One man found a ruby the size of an egg. Another found a flower that spoke, though none but he could hear it. It told him how to make elixirs out of stars. Another found a diamond that melted as soon as he found his way out of the labyrinth. He never realized what suffering he would have experienced had the diamond not melted – and, in fact, many people brought things out of the labyrinth that they deemed worthless, not being able to recognize the preciousness of what they had received from it.

Scholars still speculate as to whether or not the labyrinth of Osach had been designed by anyone, or if it had miraculously given birth to itself. It had just appeared one day as a small room with hedge walls, and grew from there, becoming larger and larger until the populace feared it might take over all of Aab. Eventually, though, it stopped growing on the surface – that’s when the stairs began to appear.

Some of the wise think it a living being, a demon. Others an angel. Some who escape from it find themselves anxious to go back the moment they leave it. Others who escape shun it and refuse to speak of it. Irnad calls it The Temple of Jokan, God of Humor.

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